2018 Seminars

2018 Seminars

The Current Situation in China and the Challenges Facing American Businesses

A discussion of the background leading to the current controversies in an otherwise productive relationship. Possible outcomes and unintended consequences resulting from the collision of very different systems of government and points of view.

Ker Gibbs, Managing Director, China, Korn Ferry

How Can Business Navigate the World of the US-China Trade War and Technology Distrust

The US and Chinese business worlds — from business education to manufacturing supply chains to venture capital investing to scientific research to technology innovation — have become very deeply intertwined in the past few decades. In many ways this has been good for both countries. But it also has created winners and losers. So today we face a new world in which economic and geopolitical grievances and the incompatible political DNA of these two countries have come to the fore. With China slipping back into top-down Market Leninism, and the US rapidly rejecting globalization and established trade protocols, both countries are revelling in their own version of victimhood and hammering away at nativist political themes. A discussion of how can businesses on each side of this skirmish can try to navigate through the political minefields they are stuck in.

James McGregor, Chairman Greater China, APCO Worldwide, Shanghai

Logistics and Supply Chain Management in an Evolving World

In many countries worldwide, the logistics industry belongs to the most important economic sectors. Today’s increasingly interwoven trade strongly depends on well-functioning supply chains to comply with growing demands of cargo owners and end consumers. Attention-grabbing innovations and technologies are changing the way people work. At the same time, they have a direct impact on supply chains. The trade war between China and the USA has been on top of the discussion when it comes to trade developments. On top of this, unpredictable events like severe weather conditions challenge transport chains worldwide. Join a discussion on how logistics service providers like DACHSER build future-oriented business models to create sustainable and reliable supply chain solutions.

Edoardo Podesta, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific, DACHSER Far East Ltd.

Next Wave in Growth in the Chinese Marketplace

The Chinese consumer story continues to be the world’s best story. What will 1.4 billion people buy next and where will they buy it? At the same time, the competitive bar continues to go up with the advent of digital attackers who are disaggregating, disintermediating and dematerializing value chains. Can foreign businesses still find a footing in this country, and what is the role of the State in determining the outcome? Explore these questions leveraging McKinsey insights and data, and stories of success and failure from around the world in China.

Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, McKinsey